The Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

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What do these companies all have in common: Kodak, eBay, Pizza Hut, Hilton, Apple Computer, U-Haul, 1-800-Flowers,, Convergys, Level3, SalesForce.Com and JetBlue? The answer is they all use virtual call centers.

In today’s economic climate, businesses are trying to cut costs while improving their customer service. But, how do you add staff without expanding your existing facility? These days more companies are relying on virtual or web-based Titan Call Center.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center operates just like a traditional brick-and-mortar center however the company’s representatives are geographically dispersed. Rather than working in cubicles at a call facility, virtual call center employees can work in groups at a number of smaller locations, or often they work right in their own home office.

Employees enjoy this arrangement because the hours are usually flexible, there’s no dress code to follow and they save time and money by not having to commute. American commuters spend an average of 51 minutes getting to and from work each day. Imagine having an extra hour each day. No wonder employees enjoy working in this environment.

Companies benefit from this model because it saves the costs associated with a building (rent, insurance, electricity, taxes, security, etc.) while improving employee morale and lowering employee turnover rates, which tend to be high for traditional centers.

The tools used to monitor the employees are the same whether the employees are all in one location or spread across the country. All calls can be monitored and recorded. Wages can be easily calculated by totaling the talk time from the calling logs. Training can take place using virtual desktop meetings. Virtual or traditional it comes down to this; the quality of the job will depend upon the quality of the people.

Permanent Headcount vs. Contractors vs. Outsource

The question most people ask is “Should I add permanent staff, outsource or hire contractors?” There are good reasons for each of these options.

If your business is fairly stable and you’ll need the staff year-round you should probably hire permanent employees. One of the best ways to start with virtual call center employees is to reward your best performers by allowing them to work at home. You may be surprised to find their productivity actually increases. They’re happier. They don’t have a commute. And you’ve recognized and rewarded their hard work. They’ll work harder to maintain the privilege of working at home.

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