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The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, that left at least 129 people dead and scores injured, have triggered a heated debate on whether the U.S should allow refugees from Syria into the country. According to WHNT NEWS 19 on November 16, 2015, reports indicate that among the terrorists who were involved in the Paris attacks was a Syrian national who entered Europe as a Syrian refugee. Due to this revelation, the question that President Barack Obama has to ponder is, should the U.S accept Syrian refugees? Many Republicans believe that President Obama should not allow displaced Syrians in the country. Robert Bentley, the Governor of Alabama, said on November 17, 2015 that he would not sit back and allow Syrian refugees in Alabama.

Why is Governor Bentley refusing to allow Syrian refugees in his state in such an unwavering fashion? Well, according to FOX 10 News, Governor Bentley argued that after the attacks in Paris, he would not endanger the people of Alabama by allowing unscrupulous people in his state. The Governor added that terrorists could take advantage of the opportunity to enter the U.S, masquerading as innocent refugees, in order to cause havoc on American soil. How politic is the decision by Governor Bentley to have a tough position on the Syrian refugee issue? This is a million dollar question lingering in many people’s minds.

It is widely acknowledged that the ISIS terror group, which claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks in Paris, is connected to Syrian rebels. Therefore, from a political viewpoint, refusing to permit Syrian refugees into Alabama is a security measure aimed at protecting the people of Alabama from any threats. The sentiments of the Governor show that security is a top priority that should not be sacrificed at the altar of giving refuge to displaced Syrians. Yes, Governor Bentley asserts that there are innocent Syrian refugees but, according to him, the porous nature of the Refugee Admissions Program is what might attract terrorists on American soil. Based on this view, the Governor said that the risk connected with Syrian refugees entering Alabama was too high, thus he would not jeopardize the lives of Alabamians by allowing Syrian refugees in the state.

Governor Robert Bentley is among at least 10 governors who have categorically stated that they will not allow Syrian refugees to enter their states. This is a huge political issue with implications on the U.S’ foreign policy. Due to the current civil war in Syria, President Obama’s administration had put in place policies to accommodate the increasing number of refugees entering the U.S. With the recent turn of events, it is without a doubt that the foreign policy will be affected. Many Republican governors think that it will be politic for President Obama to block the admission of Syrian refugees in the U.S. Governor Robert Bentley’s decision not to allow Syrian refugees in Alabama is a big political statement not only in America, but also in Europe. The ISIS terror group is a threat to world peace, and governments need to find a lasting solution to the problem.

On Monday, Donald Trump did not waste to share some controversial remarks connected with the recent terror attacks. Trump is running for the American presidency as a Republican candidate. Trump is not new to to controversy so his remarks do not come as a shocker. Trump said that if it were up to him, he would strongly consider closing down mosques.

Donald Trump was being interviewed MSNBC’s show ‘Morning Joe’ when he made these comments. Barely two days after ISIS orchestrated a successful series of attacks in Paris, France on the night of 13th Friday. The attacks left at least 189 dead people and more than 200 people injured.

While on the show, Trump was asked what he would do to protect American citizens, that is not currently being carried out. In his response, he suggested monitoring and studying of mosques carefully in America. He expressed his concerns on the issue, stating that during George W Bush’s presidency mosques in New York were monitored. He called out President Barack Obama for allowing cutting out this surveillance. The New York City Mayor, Bill de Basio last year stopped the NYPD program which conducted surveillance on persons belonging to the Muslim community.

Donald Trump further pointed out that the government of France has suggested the shut down of all mosques after the attacks. He was asked by Scarborough, the show’s co-host, if he would consider making the same move if he was elected as president. Trump replied that he would strongly consider closure of mosques. He gave his reasons for this saying that a lot of hatred is preached in mosques.

The hosts brought to his attention that such a decision would cause an undesirable reaction. It would also breed hatred from members of the population affected by it. Donald said that already there exists unfathomable hatred. He expressed that he is saddened that the current situation and stereotype against Muslims. He said that the global events have defamed the names of Muslims, who are his acquaintances. Trump agreed that there are few radical Muslims, but they pose great danger to other Americans. He recommended bringing back of intelligence agencies in order to restore vigilance against these Muslims.

Trump has been earlier accused to be anti-Muslim. In New Hampshire, while addressing voters, Trump advised caution while admitting refugees. He said that they might be a terrorist army for ISIS disguised as refugees. In an early interview, he failed to correct a man who described President Barack as being Muslim. His silence sparked debate people claiming he was against those who profess Islam. He defended himself, saying he was under no obligation to defend the president. Trump has also posted controversial posts on Twitter and other platforms, that fuel these accusations. One specific post on his Twitter handle says that Christians need to rise up since their religion is at stake.

However, despite all these political controversies Donald Trump strikes, he is still leading as the favorite candidate as dictated by opinion polls. His radical views are regarded as the pushing factor behind his campaign.